Finances: 40% of the Bambi Homes' finances came from Switzerland, the other 60% from Colombia. Private donors, companies, foundations, cities, cantons and communities give financial support to our programs. Fundraising is centralized in Geneva, with the exception of the Darién home. This home was built in 2000, thanks to the Th. Johnson Foundation's support. It was financed until 2013 by our subordinate donors' association, the "Gönnergemeinschaft Spiez", a faithful network of donors from the Spiez region. Since the dissolution of the association, a new support committee, the "Freunde Kinderheim Hogar Bambi Darién" (Friends of the Darién Home Hogar Bambi) has been actively assisting the Foundation in its fundraising efforts. The American affiliate, the "American Friends of Bambi Homes Colombia", makes target-specific contributions to the implementation of certain programs in Colombia.