Switzerland (Headquarters)

A Foundation Board
A Patrons’ Committee
An Event Committee 
A General Secretariat

A support Committee called the "Freunde Kinderheim Bambi Darién" (Friends of the Bambi Home Darién) created by a number of inhabitants of Spiez partly finances the Darién Home's activities

Foundation Committee (2019-2020)

Hans Rudi Spillmann, President
Marc Groothaert, Vice-president
Patrick Spillmann, Treasurer
Marc Aubert
Hilda Burger Calderón
Daniela Burrus
Judith Crettol Monfrini
Marianne Fahrni
Cristina M. Fedele
Alexandre Liebeskind
Lorenzo Romano


In Colombia

In each city there are an Assembly and a local committee

In the US (American Friends of Bambi Homes Colombia) 

The "American Friends of the Bambi Homes" is an independant non profit organization under the Art 501 (C) 3 - tax exempt status - that manages the fundraiding efforts in the US for the Bambi Homes Colombia. It is managed by a committee