The first Bambi home was opened in 1985, at the initiative of Dr. Rupert Spillmann. While he was working on a tropical disease study in Cali, he was struck by the lack of pre-school institutions for children living in slums. From Geneva, his cousin Hans Rudi Spillmann, has ensured the continuity of this project as President of the Foundation created in 1989. 
Since 1985, 17'000 children have benefited from our activities in the Bambi homes.

Key dates
1985 the first Bambi home opens in Cali with 10 children
1988 the first Bambi home opens in Bogotá with 20 children
1988 the Bambi homes are organized under the name of Fondation Aide aux Enfants in Blümenstein
1992 opening of the sixth Bambi home
the Foundation establishes its headquarters in Geneva
2000 opening of the seventh home in Darién Valle by the Gönnergemeinschaft Spiez (Switzerland)
2000 launching of the professional program PROFEMA for the parents 

2004 granting of the ZEWO label in Geneva and ISO 9.000 certification in Bogotá and Cali
2005 a national director, Mrs Diana Palacio, is hired in Bogotá
2007 inauguration of the eighth home in Medellín, Antioquia
2008 inauguration of the ninth home in Marinilla 
2011 launching of the Pedregal complex (Bogotá), a major project uniting the three Bogotá homes under one roof, which brings the total number of Bambi homes to seven
2014 merging of the Bambi Home in Cali with Chiquitines Foundation who shares the same objectivces. The new entity is now called Bambi Home Chiquitines. Construction work to enlarge the facility has started. Closing down of the Vallado home in Cali which brings the number of Bambi homes down to five
2014 closing down of the Marinilla Home reducing the total number to four, with large centers in Bogotà and Cali
2015 the Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary: 1985 – 2015
2019 Appointment of a new National Director, Mrs Cristina Serna  
2020 End of the activities of the Foundation in Switzerland and continuation of programmes in Colombia by the Ayuda a la Infancia Foundations. In Geneva, creation of a Bambi association to continue financing certain programmes.