Mission statement

The children taken into our homes suffer from their parents’ poverty, aggravated by 52 years of civil war. Our work since 1985 is greatly recognized, which makes us a respected institution in the field of care for vulnerable children. We actively collaborate with the Institute for Family Well- Being (ICFB) and Colombian social services.

In our homes, we provide support for children in extreme situations (abandoned, working, abused or mistreated children) in order to restore their physical and psychological well-being. We offer them all the care they need for a new start. If the socioeconomic situations of their families have improved, they can go back to their own families; otherwise, they can go to an adoption family. Some 75% of the children go back to their own families after living in a Bambi home for 6 to 18 months. They are then followed up for two years by social workers. 


Twelve months to change everything

«Why don’t we keep the children in the homes for longer? The answer lies in the experience gathered over time. When we worked only with the children, they stayed in our homes for up to three years, because outside, the situation had hardly changed.» (read more)




«When they come to us, the children often have nothing, not even a birth certificate. When they leave a Bambi Home, they have an identity, a health certificate, their stuffed animal as well as the experience of pedagogical and affective support.»