Based on our philosophy of sustained long-term action, we created the PROFEMA (PROgrama de MEjoramiento para las FAmilias) program in 2000, which addresses the root cause of the problem: the precarious situation of the children’s parents. The program is aimed at increasing the parents’ self-esteem and leading them towards professional autonomy, so that they can once again get a hold on their own and their families’ lives. So far, 4'500 parents have benefitted from the program. 

The children remain at the center of a cycle in which their families, the government, the social system and the private sector (donors) work together for their future well-being.


The armed conflict in Colombia created a complex humanitarian situation and contributed to the displacement of 7 million Colombians, deaths of around than 220,000, and kidnappings of 45,000. This program is devoted to the social rehabilitation and sustainable improvement of the socio-economic and family conditions of mothers and / or fathers of children aged 0-6 years as direct victims of the conflict.


The nutritional programs are implemented by doctors and nutritionists. They examine each child as soon as they are admitted in our Bambi home. Once measured, weighed and photographed, a diagnosis is made and a proper alimentary program is established. The child will be followed by qualified staff throughout their recovery phase. Every month, checks are carried out and a curve of the child's evolution made, which will allow to measure their recovery both physically and psychologically throughout their stay.


This program is for all the children throughout their stay in our home. It is designed to learn the environment and understand the important changes in the children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive lives that mark the fundamental stages of a child's development throughout life. The goal of this program is to guarantee the development of the motor and intellectual faculties of the child in order to facilitate their academic integration.