Your support makes a difference

By sponsoring a child or a mother, you are supporting the whole family unit on a long-term basis through our educational and food projects and our professional training programmes.

Supporting a child or a mother within a foundation on a human scale means having the guarantee that your donations will be allocated in their entirety to the sponsorship programs. Administrative costs are covered by the foundation.


Accompanying children in the homes, watching them grow and creating unexpected opportunities for them.

Up to CHF 40 per month (or CHF 480 per year).
Thanks to this donation, I participate in the annual care of a child in one of the homes and at school.

Up to CHF 80.00/month (or CHF 960.00/year)
Thanks to this donation, I ensure the complete annual care of a child in one of the homes. This amount covers all expenses for food, extra-curricular activities, teaching materials and school fees.


Supporting a mother in her personal reconstruction, her training and accompanying her towards professional and financial autonomy, for the well-being of the whole family.

Up to CHF 60.00/month (or CHF 720.00/ year)
Thanks to this gift, I allow a mother to follow a primary or secondary education. If my goddaughter already has the required training I accompany her in the creation of her own productive unit.

Up to 100 CHF/month (or 1200 CHF/ year)
I sponsor a mother entrepreneur and support her in strengthening her production unit through training and complementary micro-financing.


 *In accordance with the ZEWO recommendations and in order to avoid raising false hopes and expectations among the children and mothers, we do not offer individual and nominative sponsorship, but rather sponsorship within a group of children or mothers from the Bambi homes. In this way we guarantee that your donation will be used in the right way and you will receive regular updates on the children and mothers you support within this community.

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